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Note: this is being written slightly belatedly as I’m behind with my blogging, sorry! I left Manchester about a week ago now…

walking down a main shopping street

I spent my time in Manchester staying with Tim and Heather – when I stay at a place I like to fit in what might have been going on anyway and I think I more-or-less achieved that :) – assuming they eat such yummy food all the time.

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My feelings

My lovely sister Vanessa wanted to know about my feelings, I looked it up and it means:

An affective state of consciousness, such as that resulting from emotions, sentiments, or desires

The best answer is: it depends.

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Forests and communities

Just a quick post to let you know I’m ok :)

Had a beautiful morning cycling through forests (Sherwood), a quick swim in a lake, and just had “the biggest breakfast you serve” with a latte for £3.45.

a lovely part of Sustrans Route 6 through Sherwood Forest

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I took a day out to visit Lincoln. It’s surprisingly nice (I only say “surprisingly” because I had no idea what was here before I arrived). I’m fast on my way to becoming a history bore and Lincoln has been the perfect place to hone my skills.

A nice view in Lincoln

The things that I found are:

  • a magnificently large Cathedral
  • a lovely old castle
  • one of the only 4 original copies of the Magna Carta (inside the castle)
  • a lovely and cute “old town” area on the hill with cobbled streets and cute shops
  • a waterfront area with all your favourite/hated chain restaurants
  • a nice archaeology museum showing progression of man from ice-age to modern day
  • people that actually sound Northern

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The Fens & Croyland monastery

The Fens is a very flat area where people struggled for 2000 years to drain the land so it can be put to productive use. The Romans made the first efforts, then a Dutch man (Cornelius Vermuyden) tried with some success in the 17th Century, then finally in the 19th Century a lasting solution after the steam engine allowed the water to be pumped out properly.

There is a lot of stuff growing there now – I saw cauliflower, spinachy stuff, oats, wheat, etc…

spinachy stuff growing in the Fens

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Not so pretty England :(

Not everywhere is quite so nice as in my “pretty England” post. The not pretty places are often found “tacked” on to the edge of perfectly nice looking towns.

I’ll add to this set as I go along, there will be plenty more un-pretty things to photograph

Coffee o’clock

I love having a cup of coffee and was going to take a cafetierre but was fortunately persuaded to take the much more sensible single cup filter type device (with paper filters). Workhouse coffee in Reading can take credit for that – it’s my favourite and possibly the best coffee shop in the world.

a coffee break in the lovely Crown Lakes Country Park near Peterborough

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No tent!

I don’t have a tent with me, instead I’m using a bivy and a tarp. It’s my first trip using this combo and I didn’t actually try it out before leaving.

So far the benefits over a tent are:

  • flexible structure that can suit the situation – low and discrete / high and spacious
  • can safely cook inside it
  • space to sit up and read or get changed
  • very lightweight (400g for a large tarp)

my first ever tarp, erm, erection – a classic A-frame shape between two trees

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Oh pretty England!

I’ll keep adding to this set as I go along so it’ll grow…

Restricted byway

Oh thats what they mean by “restricted”

the style stile I lugged all my gear over, not fun!

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