Inspirations for the trip

My holidays tend towards self-powered long distance journeys by bike or foot. Each trip taught something new about what I like – the inspiration for this trip is a combination of all my previous trips and thoughts I’ve had for improvements:

  • I like talking to people en-route so English speaking countries are preferable
  • I don’t like having a sole purpose of covering distance
  • wild camping is good for finding special locations – campsites are too often sanitised (and can be expensive given the small amount of time and space I use)
  • I’d rather feel a trip is more of a [temporary] lifestyle than a holiday

Given these points I’ve come up with following ideas:

  • stay entirely within Britain
  • have no fixed destination or timescale
  • take ‘extra’ things for something to do other than cover distance (laptop, camera, audio recorder)
  • visit people or places along the way of interest (friends, communities, ‘sights’)

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